Living Well with Hodgkin Lymphoma

Partager les données de santé est vital pour améliorer les résultats

Pierre-Mikael Legris est un survivant d'une leucémie aigüe qui grâce à son expérience a mis en place une solution digitale qui pourrait aider les patients a maintenir la traçabilité de leurs données de santé.


Partager les données est indispensable pour l´”empowerment” du patient

Vincent Keunen a créé une application mobile qui permet que patients et médecins puissent partager de l'information médicale.


Clinical Trials MythBusters: Are Clinical Trials a Last Resort Treatment Option?

Are clinical trials only for patients who run out of treatment options? An expert panel helps to debunk myths around clinical trial participation.


How and Why to Fight the Insurance Companies to Get Access to the Medicines You Need

Host Andrew Schorr and healthcare attorney Stacey Worthy from Washington, D.C. discuss the lack of transparency within health insurance companies and the tools that patients can use to fight back in order to have access to the medications they need.


Former White House Cancer Moonshot Leader: Challenges and Hope for Cancer

In this exclusive Patient Power interview, host Andrew Schorr connects with Greg Simon, Executive Director of the Cancer Initiative for the Biden Foundation and a CLL survivor, to discuss medical progress in the U.S., the establishment of the Biden Cancer Initiative, and more.


Partner Spotlight: How Can LLS Resources and Communities Help You?

Joining Patient Power from the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Dr. Gwen Nichols and Dr. Larry Saltzman discuss the mission and services of LLS and how these services can impact patients in a positive way.


Take Control of Your Diagnosis and Disease With Palliative Care Options

In this AACR-sposored program, Dr. Thomas Smith of Johns Hopkins Medicine discusses palliative care, addressing difficult issues, and understanding your options as a patient.


Don’t Leave These Questions Until the End: Cancer Questions to Discuss With Your Doctor Now

In this AACR-sponsored program, Dr. Thomas Smith of Johns Hopkins Medicine discusses what questions patients should ask their doctors about end-of-life treatment, issues that should be addressed, ensuring quality of life, hospice/at-home services, and more.


Precision Medicine: Hope or Hype?

How do you get the right treatment for the right patient at the right time? Dr. Paul Bunn of the University of Colorado gives us a brief history of the major progress in cancer treatment.


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