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Clinical Trial MythBusters: Are Clinical Trials a Gamble for Me or My Loved One?

Dr. Liza Villaruz, Sheila Hoff and patient, Dr. Michael Weitz discuss whether clinical trials are a gamble and whether the risks outweigh the benefits for patients and their care partners.


Treatment for Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia without Chemotherapy

Dr. Elihu Estey shares results from a recent study reported at ASH 2012 offering hope for patients with APL, a distinct subtype of AML.


Cancer Care Across Borders

Patient advocate Markus Wartenberg comments on the widening gap in care for patients opting to be treated across borders...


The Importance of Participating in Clinical Trials for Cancer

CLL specialist Dr. Emili Montserrat stresses the importance of talking to your doctor about whether a clinical trial might be right for you.


A European Patient-Advocate Speaks Out: Advice on How to Be a Powerful Patient

Jan Geissler gives patients valuable information on the importance of becoming your own healthcare advocate


PKU Research Advances

Dr. Thomas Franklin, Chair of The National PKU Alliance (NPKUA) Scientific Advisory Board, details the latest PKU research underway designed to improve treatment and potentially find a cure. He shares reports from the 2012 NPKUA Conference. Learn how this board is working to help fund and expand PKU research today.


New Efforts to Advance Brain Cancer Research

Learn about the new approaches researchers from the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance are testing in brain cancer clinical trials. Dr. Daniel Silbergeld, a neurosurgeon, details an ongoing trial of a drug used during surgery to support tumor removal accuracy. Dr. Maciej Mrugala, a neuro oncologist, reviews several clinical trial efforts to eradicate tumor cells with higher safety.


New Guide for Patients: Understanding Cancer Clinical Trials

Dr. Tomasz Beer hopes that a new book will help patients feel more confident when discussing clinical trials as part of their treatment.


Considering the Benefits of Randomized Clinical Trials

Dr. Cynthia Toze explains how randomized trials fit into the research process and the questions patients--in concert with their doctors--must consider in order to make the right decisions for them.


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