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Head and Neck Cancers and HPV: Is There a Connection?

Head and Neck cancer surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Houlton, is honored and excited to be working with his patients. Newer therapies and newer techniques are providing cancer patients with higher possible cure rates without sacrificing quality of life. Dr. Houlton applauds the Team Medicine approach at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance where patient priorities and goals drive the therapeutic approach.


How We Overcame Cancer As Newlyweds

Three weeks before their wedding, hear how a diagnosis of non-Hodgkin lymphoma forever changed life for Jessica and Esteban Izquierdo.


Finding Financial Assistance Programs After a Cancer Diagnosis

Treatment is essential for the healing and curing process, but it is also expensive. How are patients finding financial support during their treatment process, and how are the insurance companies contributing? Find out more from certified patient navigator Katie Brown, and Cynthia Shimizu, LCSW.


Page last updated on March 6, 2017