LIVE Webinar | What Are the Current Treatment Options for AML?

March 22, 2019

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As a patient, how can I explore all the treatment options available for acute myeloid leukemia (AML)? What are the considerations when choosing treatment that’s right for me? During this LIVE webinar, an expert panel, including Dr. Uma Borate of Oregon Health & Science University, will help viewers understand more about the evolving field of AML treatment, identifying prognostic factors, determining patient subtypes, setting treatment goals and selecting a suitable course of treatment. 

Watch online on Friday, March 22 at 9 AM Pacific (Noon Eastern, 11 AM Central) for a one-hour virtual webinar. You’ll also have the opportunity to get your questions answered by the panel. Send questions in advance to

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  • An overview of current treatment options, including chemotherapy, targeted therapy and treatment
  • The role of genetic testing in AML care
  • Treatment available for refractory AML
  • Choosing treatment that is right for you
  • Common physical treatment side effects and approaches for management
  • Address the emotional aspects of living with AML and coping strategies

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Host & Guests

Host, Patient Power Co-Founder, CLL Patient and Advocate


Assistant Professor of Medicine, School of Medicine

Oregon Health & Science University

Patient Advocate

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