Survivorship is an important phase of your ALL journey, and you are likely to experience a number of strong feelings, some expected and some unexpected. As well as happiness and relief, you may also experience anxiety, stress and fear of recurrence.

Every cancer survivor is different. But it helps to talk about your feelings and be open with your family and friends. Coping with your feelings may involve asking for support from those around you, which could include counselling or joining a support group.

Now may also be a good time to make some positive changes to your lifestyle. There are specific health guidelines for people recovering from ALL, with advice including eating well, not smoking, limiting alcohol, managing stress and anxiety, and taking part in regular physical activity. 

You will also receive follow-up care from your healthcare team, which will include regular medical check-ups to make sure you ALL hasn’t returned, to manage any side-effects you may still be experiencing, and to monitor your overall health. 



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Page last updated on July 3, 2019