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Patient Power is increasingly using social media to bring our members information at a faster pace. You can click the image above to see the thumbnails of the replays of all our Facebook Live videos. Or you can find videos below of our past Facebook Lives, where co-founders Andrew and Esther Schorr report on the latest news from conferences and give updates on educational opportunities. Andrew and Esther, along with other special guests, have also started giving treatment updates straight from the infusion center. We hope you enjoy these broadcasts!

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Esther and Andrew and Discuss Future Patient Power Events During Infusion #3

As Andrew gets his monthly IVIG infusion, he and Esther discuss the upcoming Patient Power events and speaking engagements. Andrew shares about a visit with another CLL patient in Ecuador, his upcoming bone marrow biopsy, and more.


Esther and Andrew Discuss Ecuador and What’s Ahead for Patient Power

As Andrew receives his monthly immunoglobulin (IVIG) infusion, he and Esther discuss their upcoming trip to Ecuador and how to safely travel and avoid infection during cancer treatment. They also explain what’s in the pipeline for Patient Power.


Which Types of Cancer Patients Can Benefit From CAR T-Cell Therapy?

What type of cancer patients can benefit from CAR T-cell therapy? Esther Schorr sits down with expert Dr. Jon Arnason at the ASH 2017 conference to discuss how CAR T-cell therapy is currently used in blood cancers.


Giving Patients a Voice in Research, Treatment, Diagnostics and Access to Care

How can patients have a voice in research, treatment, diagnostics and access to care? From the ASH 2017 conference in Atlanta, Georgia, Andrew and Esther Schorr discuss how patients and care partners are integrated into clinical trials.


Update on Andrew’s #6 CLL Treatment

How do you go forward while undergoing cancer treatment? Andrew and Esther Schorr give an update on Andrew’s #6 CLL treatment and exciting news from the ASH conference.


Update on Andrew’s #5 CLL Treatment

How many cycles are needed to treat CLL? Andrew and Esther Schorr give an update on Andrew’s #5 CLL treatment, including his updated blood test results and upcoming bone marrow biopsy.


The Importance of an Accurate MPN Diagnosis

What is the importance of an accurate MPN diagnosis and what about your allele burden? Dr. Jerry Spivak of Johns Hopkins explains.


Research Updates for Essential Thrombocythemia and Polycythemia Vera

What’s new in the laboratory for essential thrombocythemia and polycythemia vera research? MPN researcher Dr. Josepha Scandura provides details.


Are Cures for MPNs in the Near Future?

Are cures for MPNs likely in the near future? Watch as Dr. Andrew Schafer of Weill Cornell Medical discusses this possibility.


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