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Recently, myeloma patients and caregivers came together at a town hall in Columbus, Ohio where they learned more about the latest myeloma news, treatment planning, strategies for managing side effects and more about how to live well with myeloma.

Below are video segments along with some interviews from the town hall.

Latest Expert Advice for Living Well with Myeloma | Columbus, OH

Living with Myeloma as a Young Couple

Matthew and his wife Kate discuss how they keep a positive attitude by making sure myeloma doesn't run their lives and how they made the decision to spend the rest of their lives together regardless of cancer.


Lois Hoffman: My Myeloma Journey

Lois Hoffman shares her story of how partnering with a myeloma specialist helped her overcome being afraid of the disease, knowing that it is now being properly managed.


Encouragement for Newly Diagnosed Myeloma Patients

Dr. Craig Hofmeister discusses how while the first 6 months after being diagnosed with myeloma can be challenging, it is important to keep the long term treatment perspective in mind.


Sarah Kaufmann-Fink: Happy, Healthy and Focused on Living Life

Hear from Sarah Kaufmann-Fink about being diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma at 22 years old.


Communicating with Your Myeloma Healthcare Team

Dr. Craig Hofmeister discusses how myeloma patients and their physicians can best communicate, leading to better overall care.


Using Combination Therapy to Effectively Treat Multiple Myeloma

Dr. Sagar Lonial explains how he approaches the complicated question of determining the right sequence or combination of therapies with his patients.


You Can Live and Live Well with Myeloma

Cheryl Boyce shares her story of living well with myeloma over the last 13 years and how she does not let the disease control her life.


Speaking Up About How You Really Are Feeling

Laura Beemiller, oncology social worker, and Dr. Sagar Lonial discuss the importance of talking with your medical team about how you are feeling so that, if necessary, medication dosing adjustments can be made to help reduce challenging side effects.


Communicating with Friends and Family

Cheryl Boyce and Matt Hare, patient advocates, discuss their experiences of being diagnosed with myeloma and the importance of sharing them with others.


Myeloma: Dealing with Depression

For some myeloma patients, options like therapy, supplements, antidepressants and support groups can help provide the extra boost needed to improve their quality of life during a challenging time.


Defining Risk in Myeloma

Dr. Sagar Lonial explains there are a number of factors that help determine whether someone has high vs. standard risk myeloma including FISH tests and examining the entire patient picture-- past and current treatments, what happened to the myeloma cells over time and how long treatments last.


Cost of Being in a Clinical Trial

Dr. Sagar Lonial, myeloma expert, gives an overview of how a clinical trial is billed and the importance of looking at standard vs. non-standard treatment of care.


Is a Cure for Myeloma on the Horizon?

Drs. Craig Hofmeister and Sagar Lonial explain their optimism for a myeloma cure in the near future and the importance of understanding the genetic components that separate the different myeloma subsets.


Allogeneic Transplant for Multiple Myeloma

Dr. Craig Hofmeister describes what allogeneic transplant is, the challenges and the hope to improve this medical procedure moving forward.


Risk of Another Cancer After Myeloma

Dr. Craig Hofmeister addresses the important question of whether being on powerful drugs for an extended period of time may increase a patient's risk of developing another cancer.


Knowing When to Change Treatments in Myeloma

Dr. Sagar Lonial explains the two main reasons for changing treatments in myeloma are toxicity and disease progression.


Long-Term Treatment Planning for Multiple Myeloma

Drs. Sagar Lonial and Craig Hofmeister discuss the "road map of care" approach and how treatment response expectations have advanced for Multiple Myeloma.


Staging in Myeloma

Dr. Sagar Lonial explains how myeloma staging is different than solid tumors like breast cancer.


Maintenance Therapy: What is it? When is it Needed?

Dr. Sagar Lonial discusses the latest thinking about about maintenance therapy following transplant.


Myeloma Treatment Classes

Drs. Sagar Lonial and Craig Hofmeister provide a brief overview on the different myeloma treatment classes. The treatment classes include corticosteroids, proteasome inhibitors, IMids, and chemotherapy.


What Happens in the Blood When You Have Myeloma?

When someone has multiple myeloma, it means something has gone wrong in their "blood factory." Dr. Sagar Lonial explains.


Importance of Connecting with a Myeloma Specialist

Myeloma specialists can help you navigate the 'alphabet soup' of therapies, understanding the disease and discuss what your future holds.


Factors to Consider When Making Myeloma Treatment Decisions

Dr. Craig Hofmeister discusses the important factors one should consider when making treatment decisions.


MMORE: Multiple Myeloma Opportunities for Research and Education is a nonprofit organization dedicated to finding a cure for multiple myeloma. Based in Columbus, Ohio, and with hubs in Minneapolis, MN and Seattle, WA, MMORE is building a presence throughout the United States. Together this community is conducting grassroots fundraising to support new research ideas focused on finding a cure.

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