Understanding the New World of CLL

What It Means for You

More than 300 CLL patients and caregivers attended a live forum in Houston, TX, as our expert panel shared the latest CLL treatment and research news as well as helpful strategies for coping with side effects and communicating with your healthcare team. Inspiring patient advocates joined the panel discussion to tell their inspiring stories and share their advice for living well.

Sponsored through educational grants from: AbbVie Inc., Gilead Sciences, Inc. and Pharmacyclics, Inc. 

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Routine Genetic Profiles and Testing for CLL

CLL experts, Dr. Januario Castro and Dr. Michael Keating, describe genetic profiling and sequencing and how this affects the future of treatment in CLL.


Sinus Infections and CLL

Dr. Michael Keating and Alice Lynn of MD Anderson Cancer Center discuss how sinus infections are managed in CLL patients and when and where to seek treatment.


The Role of IVIG in CLL Treatment

CLL expert Dr. Michael Keating of MD Anderson Cancer Center discusses the role of IVIG (intravenous immunoglobulin) in CLL treatment.


Risks Associated with Transplant in CLL

CLL expert Dr. Januario Castro, explores the role of transplant in CLL treatment, how it works, and the risks associated with this procedure.


CLL and the Risks of Richter’s Syndrome

MD Anderson expert Dr. Michael Keating discusses the chance of contracting Richter’s syndrome as well as the prognosis after diagnosis.


CLL Treatment and the Risk of a Secondary Cancer

As a patient, worrying about one cancer is overwhelming, but what if you’re at risk for a secondary cancer? CLL experts Drs. Keating and Castro explain the necessary monitoring.


How Age Affects Treatment Options

CLL experts, Dr. Michael Keating and Dr. Januario Castro, help listeners to understand why some CLL treatments have different effects depending on the age of the patient.


What to Expect When Treatment Begins

Alice Lynn, Advanced Nurse Practitioner at MD Anderson Cancer Center, helps listeners to understand what to expect when beginning treatment for CLL.


Is My CLL Treatment Working?

Dr. Januario Castro from UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center explains how doctors assess if your chosen CLL treatment is working and the role of bone marrow biopsies and blood counts.


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Faculty Presenters Include:

Associate Professor of Medicine, Division of Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Transplant

Outpatient Social Worker, Department of Leukemia

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