LIVE Webinar - Understanding Advancements in Treating Myeloma

October 08, 2017

An online audience of myeloma patients and their caregivers joined us virtually for a recent webcast to learn about the latest treatment advancements in myeloma.

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Attitude Is Everything: Moving Past a Myeloma Diagnosis

Many myeloma patients have similar experiences, but how each person chooses to live with their condition makes all the difference. Watch now to discover ways to live life to the fullest with myeloma.


Can Smoldering Myeloma Progress to Full-Blown Myeloma?

Can smoldering myeloma progress to full-blown myeloma? Myeloma experts Dr. Noopur Raje and Dr. Robert Orlowski weigh in.


Is Sugar Part of a Myeloma-Friendly Diet?

What do the experts say about a myeloma patient’s sugar intake? How do treatments interact with certain foods? Watch now to find out.


What Does Maintenance Therapy After Transplant Look Like for Myeloma Patients?

What is typically prescribed for maintenance therapy post-transplant? Why is it necessary? Our panel of myeloma experts explain.


Vaccine Development in Myeloma: Are We There Yet?

Myeloma expert Dr. Noopur Raje discusses that status on vaccines for MGUS, smoldering and active myeloma patients. Watch to hear her expert opinion on these vaccines.


Making Treatment Decisions in Myeloma: How Do I Know What’s Right for Me?

While myeloma care advances are beneficial, it can be overwhelming to make treatment decisions. Our myeloma expert panel discusses today’s treatments, their purpose and impact on patients.


Replay: Understanding Advancements in Treating Myeloma

Is the future getting brighter for patients living with multiple myeloma? A panel of myeloma experts and patients discussed advances in treating myeloma.


Host & Guests

Host and Patient Advocate, living with myeloma since 1995; Board member, Patient Empowerment Network


Director of Myeloma and Professor in the Departments of Lymphoma/Myeloma and Experimental Therapeutics

Director, Center for Multiple Myeloma

Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center

Living With Multiple Myeloma

Living With Multiple Myeloma

This virtual town meeting was sponsored by the Patient Empowerment Network, which received educational grants from AbbVie Inc. and Takeda Oncology. It was produced by Patient Power in partnership with The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Patient Empowerment Network
Patient Power
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