Update on Melanoma: Today's Research, Tomorrow's Medicine

Saturday, March 28th
Phoenix Marriott Tempe at the Buttes
Tempe, Arizona

An audience of melanoma patients and their caregivers joined us at a recent town meeting at Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center to hear about emerging therapies in melanoma, current treatment options and support resources.

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Update on Melanoma: Today’s Research, Tomorrow’s Medicine | Tempe, AZ

Featured Video

Gauging Treatment Response: When Should Melanoma Treatment End?

Dr. Michael Wong from the University of Southern California, Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center covers the response and duration of treatment.


Should You Record Doctor Visits?

Should patients record their doctor visits? Dr. Mark Gimbel gives his medical opinion on the patient-doctor relationship of transparency.


A Melanoma Patient Asks: Does Immunotherapy Adapt to Gene Mutation?

Dr. Michael Wong from University of Southern California - Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center discusses immunotherapy and its adaptation to gene mutations.


Communicating With Children After a Melanoma Diagnosis

Is communication with one’s children, family, and even community important when going through cancer? Dr. Rena Szabo emphasizes the importance of communication.


Patient-Doctor Communication: Managing Side Effects and Expectations of Melanoma Treatment

Is patient-doctor communication about side effects and expectations important? Dr. Michael Wong emphasizes the communication patients should have with their doctors.


T.J. Sharpe: Beating Cancer Mentally and Emotionally

T.J. Sharpe, melanoma survivor and patient advocate, talks about his experience of coping with anxiety and the recurrence of melanoma and how family plays an integral role in support through the process.


Team Medicine: Creating a True Partnership With Your Healthcare Team

Dr. Sapna Patel, Dr. Mark Gimbel and Martha Bishop discuss the effectiveness of team communication between doctors and patients.


Improving Mind-Body Wellness When Coping With Side Effects of Cancer Treatment

Rena Szabo and Dr. Sapna Patel talk about the benefits of mental and physical well-being during the course of treatment. Both Szabo and Patel encourage mental mindfulness and exercise to confront stress and to support a healthy immune system.


Does Decreasing Melanoma Risk Start in Adolescence?

The sun is very strong. We must protect ourselves from it at all times. In this segment, Dr. Michael Wong discusses the potency of the sun and what people can do to protect themselves from it.


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Guest Presenters to Include:

Surgical Oncologist

Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center

Assistant Professor, Department of Melanoma Medical Oncology

Head – Solid Tumors Section, Skin Cancer and Melanoma Clinics

USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center

Melanoma Survivor and Patient Advocate

Melanoma Survivor and Patient Advocate

Hosted by:

Host, Patient Power Co-Founder, Two-Time Cancer Survivor and Patient Advocate

Online Host, Patient Advocate


This in-person town meeting was sponsored by the Patient Empowerment Network through educational grants from Genentech and Novartis. It was produced in partnership with Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center, and the Melanoma Research Alliance.




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