HOPE Summit Live: Living Well with Lung Cancer Today | Tampa, FL

Saturday, March 7, 2015
Moffitt Cancer Center
Tampa, Florida

An audience of lung cancer patients and their caregivers joined us at a recent town meeting at Moffitt Cancer Center to hear about emerging therapies in lung cancer, current treatment options and support resources.

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Featured Video

Can NSCLC and SCLC Be Diagnosed Simultaneously?

Dr. David Carbone and Dr. Scott Antonia discuss neuroendocrine differentiation between NSCLC (non-small cell lung cancer) and SCLC (small cell lung cancer) and the importance of attaining second opinions if the cancer reoccurs


Is Lung Cancer Frequently Misdiagnosed?

Dr. Scott Antonia and Dr. David Carbone discuss the misdiagnoses of lung cancer and the promising effects of immunotherapy.


How Can Lung Cancer Patients Manage Skin Side Effects of Tarceva?

Andrew Schorr and Carol Preston talk with Dr. Scott Antonia and Dr. David Carbone about lung cancer patients and the common skin side effects from Tarceva, also known as erlotinib. In addition, they give their medical opinion on dietary manipulation of tumors.


Do Some Chemotherapies for Lung Cancer Damage Organs?

Dr. David Carbone and Dr. Scott Antonia discuss lung cancer chemotherapies resulting in potential organ damage and the facts you need to know. Tune in to learn more.


Are There Any Targeted Therapies for KRAS in the Works for Lung Cancer?

Dr. Scott Antonia with Moffitt Cancer Center discusses KRAS, a gene that can be mutated in cancers. Patients with KRAS mutations might benefit from immunotherapies.


Finding Financial Assistance Programs After a Cancer Diagnosis

Treatment is essential for the healing and curing process, but it is also expensive. How are patients finding financial support during their treatment process, and how are the insurance companies contributing? Find out more from certified patient navigator Katie Brown, and Cynthia Shimizu, LCSW.


Why Are Some Lung Cancer Patients Bothered by a Cough?

Why do some patients cough and others don’t? Dr. Carbone and Sam Vafadar, physician assistant, discuss coughing and lung cancer.


Avoiding Cancer Diet Hype: Doing What Feels Right

Is there a specific diet that cancer patients should follow? Tune in to hear Drs. David Carbone and Scott Antonia discuss their expertise in the matter.


Will Supplements Help Me If I Have Lung Cancer?

Some say that it is helpful to take supplements to boost the immune system after immunotherapy. Dr. David Carbone discusses why he advises lung cancer patients against this.


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Guest Presenters:

Program Leader, Thoracic Oncology

Director, James Thoracic Center, James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute

Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center

Vice President of Support and Survivorship Programs

Stage IV Lung Cancer Survivor; Patient Advocate

Stage IV Lung Cancer Survivor; Patient Advocate

Care Partner and Advocate

Hosted by:

Host, Patient Power Co-Founder, Two-Time Cancer Survivor and Patient Advocate

Online Host, Patient Advocate


This in-person town meeting is sponsored by the Patient Empowerment Network through educational grants from Pfizer, Genentech, Helsinn and Novartis, with additional funding from LUNGevity. It is produced in partnership with the Moffitt Cancer Center and LUNGevity.







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