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Compass Oncology

Compass Oncology is the largest independent cancer and hematology treatment practice in the Portland-Vancouver region with 40 physicians providing medical oncology, hematology, radiation oncology, gynecologic oncology, pathology, and breast surgery services. Our physicians have subspecialty expertise in every type of cancer, including rare malignancies.

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Factors to Consider When Setting CLL Treatment Goals

How do doctors approach setting CLL treatment goals? Watch as expert Dr. Jeffrey Menashe discusses indications for therapy and care option conversations with your healthcare team.


How Can CLL Patients Talk to Their Doctors About Clinical Trials?

CLL patients want to know what their choices are for treatment, including clinical trial opportunities. Watch now to hear an expert panel discuss navigating clinical trials.


Follow Your Instincts: Jay’s CLL Story

CLL patient and advocate Jay Sperling shares his experience undergoing various treatments and why he feels it's important to trust your gut in cancer care. Watch to hear his story.


Does Participating in a CLL Trial Preclude Me From Other Treatments?

A panel of experts address concerns CLL patients may have when considering a clinical trial. Watch now to learn more about CLL clinical trial participation.


Why Watch and Wait? Understanding CLL Disease Development

What happens during CLL watch and wait? Watch as experts discuss disease history, the evidence behind this treatment strategy, and what is monitored.


How Long Can CLL Patients Expect to Have Treatment?

How long will CLL therapy last? Does treatment duration vary with novel agents? Tune in to hear expert Dr. Michael Choi discuss treatment duration and patient response with different CLL regimens.


Are Biosimilar CLL Drugs Safe?

Can biosimilar CLL drugs safe, effective and more affordable? Tune in to hear expert Dr. Jeff Sharman discuss the development of biosimilar drugs and their expected release.


Making Sense of CLL: Session 2 Replay

Watch the afternoon session replay of our Portland town meeting as a panel of leading CLL experts explore current treatment options and share emerging research.


What Is Richter’s Transformation?

Why should CLL patients be concerned about Richter’s transformation? CLL expert Dr. Stephen Spurgeon explains what it means for treatment, how likely it is to happen, and how to test for it.


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