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Welcome to our "Dear Stacey" series where Washington, DC healthcare attorney Stacey Worthy helps you overcome obstacles to getting the cancer care you need and deserve! Do you feel that your treatment has been impacted because of unaffordable health care? What protections do you as a cancer patient have under current law? Join us as, Stacey, general counsel to the Aimed Alliance, explains how to navigate cancer care and health insurance coverage plans, identifies the barriers you might may face from your health insurance and how to overcome them. If you have questions you'd like Stacey to answer, send them into [email protected].

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Dear Stacey: What Are My Rights As a Cancer Patient?

What protections do cancer patients have under current law? Stacey Worthy from Aimed Alliance identifies barriers patients may face from their health insurance plans.


Dear Stacey: Your Coverage Questions Answered

Even with health insurance, many cancer patients struggle with costs for diagnostics, screening and treatment. What can patients expect insurance to cover? What steps can be taken if claims for treatment are denied? Watch now to find out.


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Page last updated on February 21, 2019