Understanding CLL

The Impact of Genetic Testing: How Does It Affect Your Future?

A pediatric oncologist shares her perspective on the role of genetic testing related to early intervention and cancer treatment.


Leucémie lymphoïde chronique: une maladie hétérogène nécéssitant un traitement personnalisé

Le traitement de la leucémie lymphoïde chronique s'adapte au profil du malade et au profil de la maladie.


Will Genetic Testing Make Some Blood Tests Unnecessary?

Blood sciences expert Dr. Susan Leclair of the University of Massachusetts discusses the role of blood tests in blood cancers and questions to ask your doctor.


Ask the Expert: What Is the Significance of IGHV Mutation Status?

What Is the significance of the IGHV mutation status? Dr. Jeff Sharman explains.


Could Using Newer Treatments As a Frontline Treatment Decrease Future Efficacy of FCR?

Will using newer treatments as a frontline treatment decrease future efficacy of FCR if the patient becomes refractory? Dr. Jeff Sharman explains.


Collaboration Among Medical Centers to Deliver Optimal Care for Rare Cancers: What Patients Should Know

Dr. Michael Grunwald from Carolinas HealthCare System's Levine Cancer Institute discusses how he works with patients living with rare cancers to ensure they receive optimal care.


How Do Autoimmune Diseases Affect CLL?

CLL specialist, Dr. Nicole Lamanna, answers a question about treatment options for CLL patients with autoimmune diseases.


What Is LDH?

Dr. Philip Thompson of MD Anderson Cancer Center answers a Patient Power viewer’s question about lactate dehydrogenase (


Why Is CLL So Varied?

Drs. Nicole Lamanna and Philip Thompson explain genetic variances and abnormalities in CLL cells.


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