A New World of CLL Therapies

How have chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) treatments evolved over time? Is there a new world of treatment options? Dr. Ian Flinn, a CLL expert from Tennessee Oncology, and Nurse Practitioner Camille Ballance, answer those questions as they share the latest news and updates with Patient Power Co-Founders Andrew and Esther Schorr.

Watch as they discuss the shift from traditional treatment approaches like FCR chemotherapy to targeted therapies and time-limited therapies. They also share what new topics researchers are working on now to advance CLL therapies for the future.

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Key Takeaways

  • The next wave of clinical trials is looking at time-limited therapy, with a goal of getting the patient into remission and then stopping treatment.
  • BTK inhibitors cut off cell signaling, causing cancer cells to die. When combined with monoclonal antibodies, they’re even more effective.
  • Other areas of research include new BTK inhibitors to address drug resistance and improving CAR T-cell therapy.
This article was originally published April 24, 2020 and most recently updated September 15, 2020.
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