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Survivorship Care: A Doctor Turned Cancer Survivor Shares Advice

From our coverage of the 2017 ASCO Survivorship Symposium in San Diego, former clinician and lymphoma survivor Dr. Wendy Harpham tells her story and shares her knowledge of survivorship.


Brad Adams: My Approach to Life With CLL

CLL patient advocate, Brad Adams, shares his story with Andrew Schorr.


Allen Melançon: Why Should Patients Consider a Clinical Trial?

Meet CLL patient and patient advocate, Allen Melançon, as he shares his story and clinical trial experiences.


Jeff Folloder: Why Should Patients Give Back to the Cancer Community?

Jeff Folloder, a CLL patient advocate, explains why he gives back to the cancer community.


Three-Time Cancer Survivor’s Perspective: Insight and Advice for Others

In this Patient Power replay, three-time cancer survivor Pat Gavin explains why he was inspired to become an advocate and shares advice for fellow survivors.


Culture and Healthcare: Two Sisters Empowering the Hispanic Community

At the 2017 ASCO survivorship meeting in San Diego, breast cancer survivor Shirley Pacheco and her sister, LatinaSHARE co-director and also a breast cancer survivor, Jennie Santiago, share how they are working to empower the Hispanic community.


Keeping Family in Mind: A Cancer Survivor’s Advice for Experts

A cancer survivor talks about his hope for the future and advice he shared with his medical team.


Facing Breast Cancer As a Clinician: The Powerful Perspective of a Mother-Daughter Team

Mother and daughter, both nurses, Madeline and Kristen share their journey in dealing with cancer and survivorship following Kristen’s breast cancer diagnosis at age 35.


Deborah’s Story: ABT and Me

A moving patient story from Deborah Simms, who documents her treatment journey with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL).


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