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Living Well With CLL: Treatment & Research News - Session Two Replay

Watch the replay of the afternoon session of our “Living Well With CLL: Treatment & Research News” town meeting to learn effective strategies for managing life with CLL.


[Greek] Smaragda's Story

Smaragda is 67 years old and was diagnosed with CLL 14 years ago. With support from her family, friends as well as reassurance from her physicians, Smaragda got back on her feet and picked up her life where she had left off.


[Greek] Christos' Story

Christos is a 65-year-old orthopedic surgeon who was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) five years ago. He begins his narrative by describing the symptoms which led him to seek help and eventually receive the diagnosis of CLL.


Die Geschichte von Claus

2010 erhält Claus die Diagnose chronische lymphatische Leukämie (CLL). Nachdem der erste Schock überwunden ist, beginnt er die Behandlung nach dem FCR-Schema.


Michele Nadeem-Baker's Video Blog: Month 5

Patient Power correspondent and CLL patient, Michele Nadeem-Baker, shares month 5 of her clinical trial experience.


Michele Nadeem-Baker Video Blog: Month 6

An insider’s view into her FCR/ibrutinib clinical trial at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. With Michele Nadeem-Baker and Jeffrey Hellman, PA-C.


Former White House Cancer Moonshot Leader: Challenges and Hope for Cancer

In this exclusive Patient Power interview, host Andrew Schorr connects with Greg Simon, Executive Director of the Cancer Initiative for the Biden Foundation and a CLL survivor, to discuss medical progress in the U.S., the establishment of the Biden Cancer Initiative, and more.


Running the Winding CLL Road to Successful Combination Therapy

This interview features Patient Power host Andrew Schorr's online meeting with Dr. Larry Saltzman, a Sacramento-based family physician living with chronic CLL since 2010.


Survivorship Care: A Doctor Turned Cancer Survivor Shares Advice

From our coverage of the 2017 ASCO Survivorship Symposium in San Diego, former clinician and lymphoma survivor Dr. Wendy Harpham tells her story and shares her knowledge of survivorship.


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