Patient Stories

Facing Breast Cancer As a Clinician: The Powerful Perspective of a Mother-Daughter Team

Mother and daughter, both nurses, Madeline and Kristen share their journey in dealing with cancer and survivorship following Kristen’s breast cancer diagnosis at age 35.


Deborah’s Story: ABT and Me

A moving patient story from Deborah Simms, who documents her treatment journey with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL).


CLL Patient Café 2016 Participants Share Their Dating Advice

Need dating advice? How do cancer patients meet their special someone? Watch our Patient Café with Carol Preston.


2016 Patient Café: Dating and CLL

What are other CLL patients saying about when, how and who to date? Carol Preston hosts this Patient Café.


Patient Café 2016: The Impact of CLL on Romantic Relationships

What impact does cancer have on a romantic relationship? People with CLL tell their stories.


Meet the October 2016 CLL Patient Café Participants

Meet four CLL patients. Learn how their stories can help you in your cancer journey. Hosted by Carol Preston.


Patient Café 2016: The Power of the Virtual Connection

Get advice from CLL patients and care partners on participating in online discussions. Join Patient Power’s Patient Café.


Patient Café 2016: Staying Positive Online

Discover methods to manage negative messages about cancer on the Internet. Andrew Schorr facilitates a CLL Patient Café.


Patient Café 2016: Finding Clinical Trials and CLL Specialists Online

Learn how to find clinical trial information that fits your CLL needs. CLL Patient Café members share their tips.


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