Living Well with CLL

A Survivor’s Passion: Improving Quality of Life in Cancer Survivorship

Angie Patterson, breast cancer survivor and Vice President at Georgia Center for Oncology Research and Education, shares her passion for improving survivorship care.


Survivorship Care: A Doctor Turned Cancer Survivor Shares Advice

From our coverage of the 2017 ASCO Survivorship Symposium in San Diego, former clinician and lymphoma survivor Dr. Wendy Harpham tells her story and shares her knowledge of survivorship.


Allen Melançon: Why Should Patients Consider a Clinical Trial?

Meet CLL patient and patient advocate, Allen Melançon, as he shares his story and clinical trial experiences.


The Goals of Survivorship and Promises of Precision Medicine

In this replay from the 2017 ASCO survivorship meeting in San Diego, Patient Power catches up with Director of Oncology, Treasa McPherson, of UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center.


Jeff Folloder: Why Should Patients Give Back to the Cancer Community?

Jeff Folloder, a CLL patient advocate, explains why he gives back to the cancer community.


Survivorship Road Map: Treatment Summary and Care

Dr. Becky Lowry of University of Kansas Medical Center joined Patient Power at the 2017 ASCO survivorship meeting in San Diego to discuss the importance of collaboration between patients and their primary care doctors in survivorship as well as the use of survivorship care plans.


How Can Integrative Medicine Help With Fatigue?

How can integrative medicine help with fatigue? Dr. Wenli Liu of MD Anderson Cancer Center explains.


Three-Time Cancer Survivor’s Perspective: Insight and Advice for Others

In this Patient Power replay, three-time cancer survivor Pat Gavin explains why he was inspired to become an advocate and shares advice for fellow survivors.


The Role of Doctor-Patient Communication in Survivorship

In this replay from the 2017 ASCO survivorship meeting in San Diego, Patient Power meets with Dr. Keith Argenbright, Director of the Moncrief Cancer Institute, to discuss the use of survivorship services to get patients back to living their lives as they were before.


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