london-lung-cancer-groupI always knew there were patients and caregivers from outside the U.S. who took a look at our programs on Patient Power. But it’s only been recently that I’ve fully understood what a difference we are making worldwide, and it’s thrilling!

Patient Power now has members of our communities from almost every country. That, quite frankly, blew me away, and it underscores how vital it is to bring patients the latest news for their condition—wherever they are.

london-lung-cancer-group2A couple of weeks ago, I actually got to meet folks like this, far from where I live in California, who depend upon Patient Power for “knowledge, confidence and hope.”  I spent a day with four of our UK lung cancer members and two of their care partners. It meant so much to me to be with them as part of a day-long workshop and to hear that Patient Power had made a real difference for them in putting them more in control of their journey with a serious illness. Now these folks are my pals and they had great ideas of how we, and partners, could improve our offerings.

london-lung-cancer-group3We know we have much work to do to make our programs and discussion more accessible worldwide. So, before long, we will integrate programs we already have on, and new ones we produce, in multiple languages: French, German, Italian, Spanish and more. Maybe even Greek! That way a much wider group of patients can take advantage of the latest news for their health concern in an easy-to-understand way.

It was such great fun to meet our Patient Power members in London. I get a big charge out of meeting people who rely on us wherever I go, so please don’t hesitate to write us. Next stop for me is the big ASH (American Society of Hematology) meeting here in San Diego and then some time off. Anyone in Santa Fe, New Mexico?

london-lung-cancer-group4Whether it’s London or New Mexico, Athens or Sao Paolo we want to hear your story, provide you actionable information, and help you have the best care.

Wishing you and your family the best of health—wherever you are!