sunriseSpringtime makes me think of renewal—not just of the seasons—but of all things. It is difficult to be fully present in the springtime without breathing in the feeling that something wonderful is about to happen: as the dull of winter turns over to a beautiful hue of green with bursts of color and the sky shines with extended excitement and light, the reverie of this new season sneaks up upon us and allows us to begin again. It gives us a choice, to come out of the dark of winter and face the light of spring. This is how it is for me anyway.

Life is filled with choices. And even though we don’t always like some of the choices the universe has bestowed upon us, we are responsible for the choice to make the best of what we have been given. Living with CLL has taught me that acceptance and knowledge of my diagnosis is a critical choice I have to make if I am to stay positive and in front of all of the continuing research and treatment options that become available. I make this choice every day, sometimes it is easier then others, but I do nonetheless; start each day with gratitude and acknowledgement of everything that preceded it, knowing it makes up the whole of me. The CLL is just a tiny part of my whole, and I choose to not let it define me but rather to let it guide me to where I am meant to be. Enlightened perhaps? Accepting? Grateful? Present in the moment? I am all of these and more, but mostly I am the product of renewal and the constant choice I make to be open to it and to what it brings me.

From the darkness to light, from gray to green, from muddy turf to delicate buds—to flowers and birds and blue sky and green grass, we are all reborn and given the chance to renew with this season if we choose to let it be! Happy and Healthy Spring!

Grateful, thankful, blessed for today tomorrow and the next!