I hope you've had a chance to enjoy our new home page and our new look. Our goal is to continually update our content and the clarity of our communication to help patients and family members get the most compelling, most authoritative health information for their area of concern.

I am delighted to tell you that an expanding list of highly respected medical centers support Patient Power. The newest additions are UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles and Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, Oregon.

As a group, we all believe in putting the patient at the center of healthcare. And not a silent, "compliant" patient, but an actively engaged one with questions, concerns and opinions. Our job at Patient Power is to connect you with experts and inspiring patients to help you be "smarter" on specific health topics.

I am also excited about our growing relationship with Microsoft and their commitment to improving healthcare through the new HealthVault service. Our content is a growing part of the HealthVault Search Engine which can be accessed at health.live.com. Look for pictures of Patient Power pages featured on the left hand side whenever we have content on a given topic.

Microsoft is working with leading hospitals to improve healthcare data relationships and information. We believe if we make a stronger knowledge-based connection between doctors and their patients, who are all better informed, healthcare can be better.

There are big things going on now as patients play a much more active role. The New York Times noted this in a major article in their magazine section this past Sunday. While we weren't part of it, we had to smile that other keys players are coming to the same place we've been for a long time – that "Knowledge Can be the Best Medicine of All."

Let me know what you think of our redesigned site and how we can continue to improve.