For many Americans we move in parallel but separate universes. In my case, as an American Jew who is fairly "assimilated" I feel right in the mainstream. But I remember how my parents and their parents mostly lived in Jewish neighborhoods and associated mostly with Jewish people. My grandparents spoke Yiddish, an eastern European Jewish dialect, in the home. But that's all family history.

However, in 2008 Hispanic-Americans, 44 million people, cling to varying degrees to using Spanish as their first language. And when they face the complexities of medical issues many Hispanics who speak English prefer to hear information in Spanish.

So isn't it about time that Patient Power, with all our previous programs in English, put one foot in that Hispanic "parallel universe." Yes! If we are about "patient empowerment" then it is for all patients and in languages and styles that are most comfortable for them.

We now are in the midst of producing our first interview recorded all in Spanish. It was with Dr. Juan Caicedo, a solid organ transplant surgeon at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. This upcoming webcast is not only in Spanish, but it speaks to the unique needs of Hispanics when it comes to issues like kidney failure and transplant. It also highlight's Northwestern's Hispanic Transplant Program, which is quite unique, as well. Look for it on our site and on ihealth on March 25th.

We intend to produce many more programs in Spanish and have production associates to help us do this with the same expertise and sensitivity as our programs in English.

I invite your suggestions and input to help give Hispanic-Americans – and Spanish speakers in other countries – a new online connection to leading experts so they may make better healthcare decisions.

Knowledge Can Be the Best Medicine of all – in any language!