In these days of revved up medical marketing too many people think the answer to their health problem is in a single pill, medical procedure, or high tech diagnostic test. It isn't.

That brings me to the "art" of medicine.

After interviewing hundreds, maybe even thousands of devoted doctors and inspiring patients I am beginning to see some themes. There were some lessons just in the show I hosted on sleep problems this past Sunday. Charlene Barton, 62, of Seattle, told her story of years of restless leg syndrome (RLS) and sleep apnea. At different times and after suffering for years she finally sought medical guidance for both conditions. For the RLS she was prescribed medicines (there are at least two new approved pills), and for the sleep apnea she underwent a sleep study and ended up with a CPAP, or positive air pressure machine, to help her breath better at night.

Problems solved right?

Wrong. Yes, her jumpy legs got better for awhile, but drug side effects were a problem. And after she developed pneumonia the CPAP machine was hard to use and wasn't helping.

It turns out her best friend works for a sleep medicine specialist – not a doctor Charlene had ever seen before. A few months ago she went to see that new doctor, Dr. Vishesh Kapur, and he proved to be the "artist" she needed. It has given her back her life. Dr. Kapur tweaked the medicines Charlene was taking for RLS and changed dosages and dosage schedules. It made all the difference. And for the sleep apnea, he found her a new state-of-the-art breathing mask to wear at night and boosted the air pressure on her machine. Yes, Charlene admits, it sounds like she is in a wind-tunnel at night, but she can now breathe well and sleep great.

So the bottom line is: 1) not all doctors and procedures are right for you, and 2) even if the approach is right the subtleties of what to do and when really matter.

When you are selecting a doctor you are not just buying their prescription pad or their scalpel or their million dollar machines. You are buying their judgment of what is right for you. You are buying their "artistry," a little like the marketing message of today's cosmetic surgeons. But here I am talking about that concept in all areas of medicine and not just facelifts .

Charlene can tell you how understanding this concept changed her life. Please listen to the replay of this inspiring show.