This is a heady time for our small team at Patient Power. For three years now we've been producing talk shows for Patients featuring leading medical experts and inspiring patients and caregivers. Apparently Microsoft was watching. And while bigger websites like WebMD or Revolution Health have paid us no attention, we've kept producing programs day-in and day-out. The smart people at Microsoft know we now have over 500 hours of programs covering a very wide range of important medical topics. In many cases we've covered topics no one else has because it doesn't matter to us whether it would be of interest to an advertiser or sponsor. We do what's right for you and we accept no advertising. That has paid off with very high credibility and in-depth content. Plus it's been very satisfying for our team.

Usually little guys like us don't get noticed. For example, no major newspaper will even take our calls. To them we are lost in the noise level of health news. For them it's ho hum. But not to actual patients searching for information. That's where Microsoft's new HealthVault search engine comes in. They want you to get very current, very credible information without having to click through a page or so of citations. Patient Power is now featured right on the top page when we have content on your topic. We are thrilled and thankful to Microsoft.

As this service rolls out you'll soon since links to audio from all our programs, plus transcripts and summary articles. There will also be links to leading medical centers and partner patient advocacy groups. It should be very helpful to the information seeking patient or family member anywhere in the world.

Three years ago I approached Seattle broadcasters about me doing a radio show or tv segments for them – medical health issues from the patient's perspective. They all either said no or didn't return my calls or respond to emails. Finally one, KVI said we'll sell you the airtime. That was not what I had in mind, but I used some retirement money to start and asked the University of Washington and some other major medical centers if they would Sponsor my effort. They said yes and I am forever grateful. The result has been a Sunday 8 am show. Most of my friends are still asleep. But we didn't stop there. We knew there would be much broader reach on the web – live and on demand by topic. Recently 3,000 4,000 people a day have been visiting our Patient Power web site. Not bad. But now that our friends at Microsoft will feature our content and also drive traffic to us the sky is the limit.

So we feel somewhat vindicated. We knew we were doing what is right for patients. Broadcasters and the news media blew us off as did some major medical centers back east. But we are now breaking through. It feels great that more people will reach our content. If you've read this far and support what we do, tell and friend and tell us how you feel too.

While my home football team, the Seattle Seahawks are getting annihilated in the snow of Green Bay, the day still seems like a great one. If I can't say "Go Seahawks!" in the SuperBowl, at least I can still say, with growing enthusiasm, "Go Patient Power!." Thanks for your interest.