I have been interviewing many authors lately. Sure I want to hear about their new book and some of the details of the content. But much more fascinating is WHY they wrote the book and how it changed them. And the discussion makes for some very compelling talk shows that I hope you will check out.

Elizabeth Cockey, an art therapist from Baltimore, is a good example. A few years ago she was at a low point in her life: little money, and then an urgent call that her grown son was near suicide far from home. She rescued him with the help of a good Samaritan and a little old lady named Gertrude rescued Elizabeth.

Gertrude, a neighbor, became Elizabeth's art student for art therapy when her mind was failing. But Gertrude was far from frail and so in between brush strokes she would share her philosophy of life. The whole process awakened a yearning in Elizabeth to make a difference – and she has. Elizabeth sought out the opportunity to teach art to the most demented, forgotten people at some homes for seniors in the Baltimore area – people others had given up on and many thought could not hear nor speak.

Elizabeth patiently helped them paint or color. New worlds opened even in people who were thought to be largely unaware. They were people like Clara. She had been silent for months. But then, one day after painting she stood up and started singing "God Bless America." Others with Alzheimer's nearby felt her emotion and, as they could, joined in. So did the nurses and staff. It must have been an incredible moment and a shining one for Elizabeth.

So with those memories Elizabeth has written a book, Drawn from Memory, a Personal Story of Healing Through Art. As I told Elizabeth during the program, it isn't about the art – it's about the human connection – touching a soul that others had lost hope for.

Elizabeth is flying high these days, thrilled that what she does makes a difference. I know her story touched me. I hope you will hear it in our archives. Also listen to other authors like Jim Comer and Marjorie Ryerson not so much to hear about their books, but to hear about them and their passion for helping us live better, richer lives. I know these shows always leave their mark on me.