During the Holidays I was feeling quite spry. So when my 9-year son and his friend wanted to go to the roller skating rink, I decided to lace up skates too. After all, 40 years ago I was really good at it.

BAD IDEA! At 56 I may be in good shape with tame exercise like running and biking, but when I joined in a roller skating version of "musical chairs" with the kids it was the beginning of the end for me. The music stopped, I tried to stop my skates, they flew out from under me and my back hit the rink floor hard. Wham! The breath was knocked out of me. And, now, 5 days later I am still in a lot of pain. It will be off to the doctor shortly. But I've learned my lesson about a few things: 1) Don't be so stupid to try all the things I did as a kid where the downside of getting hurt could be really great and 2) be wary of falling, it is a big hazard for us as we get older.

On the second point I've realized it's such a big deal we are producing a one hour radio show on it this weekend (LINK). We answer the question how do you stay active as you get older but prevent falls and other serious injuries – injuries we might never recover from. I hope you can join us for the broadcast or the replay and tell your friends about Patient Power. Our web traffic grew by 50% in November, which is exciting.

Happy New Year to you and yours and stay off the skates…I certainly will!



News Flash! I just got back from the doctor. She called: 3 cracked ribs. She seemed to understand my pain. So pills to help with that and sleeping and trying not to run around like a kid anymore - at least for six weeks. Oh well, lesson learned!