I just got off the phone with Jennifer Aspelund. She will be a guest on our Health Radio Network program this weekend. She is a mother of two children and originally from Alaska. But the whole family moved to Seattle after her son, North, had a recurrence of leukemia. Chemotherapy didn't work for him, although it cures most other children. The choice then was bone marrow transplant. And it's saved North's life.

There have been complications and North has had a very different life so far than had he never had cancer. For example, he attended school at the cancer center for 5 years. He is 19 but can't drive, has never had a sleep over, and has never had a girlfriend. But as Jennifer says, "he is still with us."

Jennifer and North will be my guests along with Dr. Jean Sanders , transplant expert and North's doctor, this coming Sunday. I know it will be inspiring. And when I hear stories like this I can't help but acknowledge the courage and stamina of kids like North and parents like Jennifer. They are certainly made of tough stuff.

And, of course, we need to be grateful for dedicated doctors like Dr. Sanders.

Join us Sunday or catch the replay here. And share your story of courage too!