As you know, I am a man on a mission when it comes to helping people "get smart" about their area of health concern. I encourage all to take a more proactive role, and because of it, get better care for themselves or a loved one. I am really sure of it because I hear stories of how this has worked out time and again.

At times I have been discouraged because, although I produce at least two hours of talk shows each week that follow this model, the major media channels have no interest so far. CNN, FOX, and major radio syndicates don't call back when I suggest Patient Power should be more widely distributed by them.

But I have heard "no" many, many times before. If I had accepted those views, I never would have started (now 600,000 members) nor started Patient Power, which happily has a growing following and about 150 hours of very significant programs.

Today I am smiling because I believe I am seeing the future of health communications and how we can make an end run about the communications gatekeeper who just "don't get it" about the public's keen interest in this sort of content. Internet radio may soon take off and not because more people sit at their laptop or desktop to get it. It will be because they listen to it in their car. Yes, that's right. Besides AM, FM, CDs, MP3s, and satellite radio, you'll have a receiver that can play audio from the Web. When you can, please remember to punch up the "Patient Power Channel."

I am excited because I believe we are at a juncture where the public wants more credible health information, there are more well researched products that can help – and more coming, top doctors want us to be smarter (it saves them time), and soon the communications technology will make this much more accessible.

So, too bad for the media gurus who have not responded so far. We in the patient/caregiver community will have our party without you.

Of course, since you are on this site, you are ALREADY at the party. Have another drink!