Ted Girgus

Prostate Cancer Patient

Ted is married and has 5 beautiful grown children 4 sons and 1 daughter. Ted has a strong faith based belief in God and is a medically retired VP of Admissions & Marketing from a private college in Santa Barbara California. He also served 8 years in the Air Force from 1961-69. Ted was diagnosed with prostate cancer on Feb. 13th, 1997. After researching the disease, he chose brachytherapy at NW Hospital in Seattle. The procedure was performed By Dr. Haaken Ragde, a pioneer of the procedure at that time. Unfortunately, his cancer was outside the gland and continued to spread. Ted’s last MRI showed extensive metastasis in his vertebrae and pelvic region, his lymph nodes were affected as well. He has been on hormones for the past year, but his PSA is starting to climb back up.

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Page last updated on May 1, 2010