T.J. Sharpe

T.J. Sharpe

Melanoma Survivor and Patient Advocate

T.J. Sharpe  writes the Patient #1 blog on Philly.com about his ongoing battle with stage IV melanoma.  In August of 2012, he walked into the ER with a spiking fever—and didn't leave for over two weeks.  Melanoma tumors were in both lungs, his liver, spleen and abdomen.  His oncologist told T.J. and his wife that he would be surprised if he survived for two years. Thirty months later, after six surgeries and two clinical trials, his tumors continue to shrink.

His blog began from a chain of emails that took a positive, slightly humorous view on a very dire situation.  He was lucky enough for Philly.com to pick it up, and the website has been publishing insight on his journey since the end of 2012.  T.J. expands to touch on the human side of cancer and how it affects more than just the patient.  He also explores general cancer-related topics, and he hopes the blog and his outlook will set the bar high for those who are or will face their own cancer challenges. T.J’s message: "Stay Strong—nobody fights alone."

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