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Mike Kearney


Mike Kearney comes from a family of 12. Cancer touched his life personally when over 40 years ago, at the age of 8, his brother, nicknamed Butch, lost a painful battle with leukemia. Mike's brother died at the age of 15. Mike knew then that he wanted to do something to help avert the suffering that cancer causes but he didn't really think he would get the chance. He thought cancer would surely be cured by the time he grew up. Fast-forward 40 years. This summer, his 31-year-old niece Mary, died a painful death from cancer leaving behind her husband Mike, and her 4-year-old son Michael IV. Several other members of his family and friends have been through, or are currently undergoing, extensive cancer treatments. When Mike saw the positive results from Provenge, and heard of the FDA approvable letter delaying it indefinitely, he knew he had to take a stand for the men suffering with terminal stage prostate cancer who can't wait, but need this safe and potentially effective treatment now. He and his wife started and with the pro bono services of Attorney Kerry Donahue, CareToLive became a not for profit corporation, began a membership drive, and filed a complaint in Federal Court on behalf of the membership to enjoin the FDA from interfering with access to Provenge by the men with prostate cancer who may benefit from it. They are seeking to have the Court order that Provenge be made available immediately for men who are out of options. The lawsuit was filed against Andrew Von Eschenbach, Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, Mike Levitt, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Richard Pazdur, an employee of the FDA, and Howard Scher, in both his individual capacity and as a special government employee of the FDA. Mike is currently the production manager for a medical publication firm. Prior to his current position he worked for the Associated Press for over 5 years. When he is not at work, or pursuing his passion to get Provenge approved, Mike can be found writing screenplays and he is currently working on his first novel.

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Page last updated on December 2, 2010