Why the Silence on Women’s Sexual Health?

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It seems like every ten minutes a Viagra commercial graces our eyes and ears. With the media sensationalizing sexual pleasure and male satisfaction, it’s often difficult to look at sexual health from a health perspective – particularly for women. Is there a double standard? If not, why the silence on women's sexual health? Female sexual dysfunction, known as FSD, is a relatively common health issue for women, but many healthcare providers do not address FSD with their female patients during regular medical visits – making this an ongoing issue. How can we balance the focus between men's’ sexual health and women's sexual health? Dr. Stephanie Buehler, Chris Veasley, and Lisa Martinez all weigh in on this controversial topic. These three experts offer a wealth of expertise. Also joining the discussion for a male perspective is Peter Frishauf, a contributor to Patient Power and healthcare professional for over 25 years. Don’t miss out on a very mind-blowing and moving discussion on sexual health from both female and male perspectives!

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Produced in association with The Women’s Sexual Health Foundation and National Vulvodynia Association

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