Midwifery: From Conception to Delivery

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Midwives are health care professionals who provide care for women throughout the lifespan, often with a particular focus on the childbearing years. All midwives at UC San Diego Medical Center are certified nurse midwives, registered nurses with advanced training in obstetrical and gynecological care. Rita Wagner, a midwife at UCSD's Birth Center, joins this unique Patient Power program to help listeners understand the benefit of having a midwife during childbearing years and beyond. Loralyn Cross, one of Rita’s patients, joins the hour to share her intimate experience of delivering a healthy baby girl, with her midwife, Rita, by her side.

Loralyn, a 27 year-old mother from Tierrasanta, California, describes her experience of giving birth at UCSD's Birth Center in May of 2009. Loralyn delivered a beautiful baby girl named Aurora. Experiencing birth and all the emotion that accompanies this time in a woman's life was all Loralyn wanted to experience. After seeking care from another medical center, Loralyn decided she wanted a more personalized approach to care. After switching to UCSD about halfway through her pregnancy, Loralyn decided she wanted to have Aurora in the UCSD Birth Center. Loralyn describes her family as “sort” of a UCSD family, she also works at UCSD as an administrative specialist for the Dean's Office in the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Read or listen to more of Loralyn’s story and learn how this experience forever changed her and her family.

Nurse Rita talks about prenatal care received from midwives and standards of care that doctors and midwives use throughout the country. She also talks about what makes midwifery care unique, the individual attention given to each patient, their concerns, and their expectations throughout the pregnancy and birth.

In eight years at UCSD, the UCSD midwives have attended over 8,000 births, more than one-third of all the babies born in the facility. If you are thinking about having a child, learn how places like UCSD’s Birth Center are providing home-like settings for expectant mothers and sharing a common philosophy of family-centered, woman-centered care for families.

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Andrew Schorr:

When a woman becomes pregnant she starts thinking about the birth experience, and one of the questions that comes up is, is a midwife right for me? You will hear the story of how midwives can help from a woman who knows and a veteran midwife from UC San Diego Medical Center next on Patient Power.

Hello and welcome to Patient Power. I’m Andrew Schorr. This program like so many is sponsored by UC San Diego Medical Center where we connect you with leading experts from the medical center and also very inspiring patients.

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