Managing Menopause: The Hormone Controversy

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Symptoms of menopause can greatly diminish your quality of life but the treatment options are sometimes controversial. Is hormone therapy safe? What is the risk of using bioidentical hormones? In this Patient Power program, sponsored by Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Dr. Melinda Ring will discuss the safe use of these therapies to help you feel your best. Dr. Ring is medical director of the Center for Integrative Medicine & Wellness at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

The program begins with Lisa. Lisa was experiencing hot flashes, fatigue and moodiness – symptoms of menopause that were greatly affecting her quality of life. She began researching and sought out Dr. Ring where she was put on bioidentical hormones.. She says “I went to see her and after a few weeks I could feel the difference, and now I really feel like I'm just back to my old self.”

Dr. Ring begins by explaining menopause and the common side effects. She then goes on to detail the different forms of hormones available, risks and benefits, and safe use of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Dr. Ring also talks about supplements and vitamins, and the importance of finding a specialist that is right for you. If you’re experiencing symptoms of menopause and looking for relief, this program is sure to be a great resource.

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