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At just 18 years old, Phil G. was diagnosed with osteosarcoma near his knee. Amputation of his leg was a real possibility. Luckily, Phil instead underwent limb salvage surgery, an operation to remove tumors of the bone and muscle while helping to preserve as much of the patient's appearance and limb function as possible. In this podcast, Dr. Terrance Peabody--who performed the operation--explains the potential benefits of the procedure.

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But first I want you to meet someone who has benefitted from his expertise, and that’s where they were able to spare a leg.  So our guest is Phil, who joins us from Chicago.  He’s just 26 years old.  Phil, let’s go back to when you were 18.  You were a freshman in college, and your knee was bothering you.  Tell that story. 


Sammy Sosa was my rehab partner, so that was always fun.

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