Joint-Replacement Surgery: Techniques, Advances and How You Can Benefit

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Arthritis and other degenerative diseases of the hips and knees can often make it painful to do basic activities like grocery shopping or visiting friends, and many people find themselves giving up sports and exercises they enjoy such as tennis, golf, or long walks. As we age, it is important to know what treatment options are out there for painful hips and knees, when you can use them, and if they are right for you. In this episode of Patient Power, Andrew Schorr speaks with Dr. Dennis Kvidera, an orthopedic surgeon for over 26 years associated with Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, about the latest advances in knee and hip replacement surgery and what these improvements mean to patients with painful, degenerative knees and hips.

Dr. Kvidera goes into detail about prosthetics and the procedure for both knee and hip replacement and new advances in hip replacement surgery and revision surgery for failed joint replacement. Learn about how to find a physician when seeking treatment and what to expect before and after surgery. He also answers questions from the Patient Power audience and gives insights into the evolving technologies to help us further understand the future of joint replacement surgery.

You’ll also hear from Dr. Kvidera’s patient, Dave, who had knee replacement surgery a short time ago. Dave talks about his decision to have surgery, what the procedure was like and how his recovery is going. If you’re looking for insight on joint replacement surgery, this program provides a tremendous amount of information on this topic.

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Andrew Schorr:

Hello this is Andrew Schorr. I am not live in the studio today. I'm actually, as you hear this on KVI, I am down in Atlanta for several days at the American Society of Hematology convention or medical meeting of 30,000 blood and cancer specialists. Of course for me as a leukemia survivor that is near and dear to my heart. What's the latest and what does it mean for me and other people I know with those ailments? I'll bring you the news back on one of our shows coming up.

I wanted to record a program that I think is very important for so many people particularly as we age or have arthritis and that is about joint replacement surgery. We've done one before, but I always learn more and also the technology continues to change. We are talking today about the latest in joint replacement surgery. What are the techniques? What are the advances? How can they benefit you? I want you to meet a friend, a new friend from Seattle, and that is Dave Peterson. Dave is in the insurance business and has been for many years. He's 62 years old. Dave welcome to Patient Power.

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