Disparities in Women's Sexual Health: Your Questions Answered

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Broadcasting from the annual women’s health event in New York City, hosted by The Women’s Sexual Health Foundation, Patient Power explores women’s sexual health issues with renowned experts from a multidisciplinary perspective with the goal of encouraging healthy dialogues about sexual health concerns among women and their healthcare providers. In a series of three live webcasts, experts Teresa Goetz, Dr. Hilda Hutcherson, and Dr. Amy Stein, explore menopausal issues, pelvic pain suffering relief and keys to managing your sexual health.

This intense dialogue begins with Teresa Goetz director of healthybeing, a wellness center offering acupuncture, Chinese herbology, massage therapy, and other alternative modalities. Ms. Goetz talks about symptoms of menopause and how acupuncture and Chinese medicine assist in balancing hormone fluctuation. She also speaks about intimacy after menopause and how to maintain a healthy sex life after major transitional phases in a woman’s life. Dr. Hilda Hutcherson joins the discussion to bring added clarity to a topic that few associate with overall health, SEX. Dr. Hutcherson, a renowned gynecologist at Columbia University Medical Center speaks candidly about the 43% of women who are dissatisfied with their sex lives and remain silent about it. She also speaks in detail about the surprising benefits of a healthy sex life that include stronger hearts and how it helps to decrease overall stress, anxiety and depression.

Finally, Dr. Amy Stein joins the dialogue to speak about pelvic pain and physical therapy as a helpful treatment. Dr. Stein is founder of Beyond Basics Physical Therapy and specializes in pelvic floor dysfunction, pelvic pain, and holistic approaches to each patient’s entire well-being. She talks about how many women will experience pelvic pain at one time or another in life, and if unmanaged, how pelvic floor dysfunction can disrupt bladder, bowel, and sexual function. Dr. Stein explains how kegel exercises can help with incontinence and painful sexual intercourse. If you are interested in learning more about menopausal changes, how to have a healthy sex life and many other pressing questions about women’s health, this program has a wealth of information.

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Andrew Schorr:

Hello and greetings from our live broadcast from New York City. We’re just a couple of blocks from Grand Central Terminal. I grew up around here so I am excited. I’m normally in Seattle, and yes, Andrew Schorr here, a middle-aged man, with about 200 women mostly, and we’re talking about sex at the Women’s Sexual Health Foundation annual conference. There are women here who are sex therapists and various specialists helping women with sexual issues and some very informative discussions.

You’re going to have an opportunity to hear from and ask questions of three of the leading experts who are presenting here, and I’ll tell you about them in just a second, but here is the sad part. The sad part is that there are millions of women across America and maybe around the world for sure, but let’s just talk about America, who are not enjoying a healthy sex life. Even when there’s all sorts of evidence that you’ll hear about that having a healthy sex life makes life better and maybe even longer it improves overall health. So it is something we need to talk about, but we don’t. Here on this special edition of Patient Power today we will.

Let me tell you who our guests will be as we continue through the program. In a few minutes you’ll hear from Dr. Hilda Hutcherson, and she is a renowned gynecologist at Columbia University here in New York who you see on Oprah and in “O” magazine and all sorts of women’s publications, and she’s been on Patient Power before, and I recommend you take a look at the replay. She’ll talk about a number of issues related to sex from a medical perspective. We’ll also hear later on from Amy Stein who’s a physical therapist, and she’ll help talk about some of the issues that women have, health issues, painful issues that may affect their enjoyment of sex. Maybe after pregnancy things have been moved around, and we’ve done other programs on that, pelvic prolapse, so we’re talk more about that.

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