Clinical Trials: Access to Cutting Edge Therapy at Community Hospitals

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When you receive a cancer diagnosis you want to have as many treatment options as possible. Having access to an institution with clinical trials can give you cutting edge therapies that could make a difference. In this program, you’ll hear from Dr. Jeanne Anderson, a leading oncologist at Providence Alaska Medical Center and her patient as they discuss the benefits of clinical trials. Dr. Anderson is Medical Director for Oncology Research at Providence Cancer Center of Providence Alaska Medical Center.

You’ll first hear from Kate. Kate is 55 years old and was diagnosed with breast cancer in October of 2009 during a routine mammogram. She shares her experience in meeting with Dr. Anderson, treatment and her decision to get involved in a clinical trial. Dr. Anderson then chimes to talk about access to cutting-edge treatment locally. She states “I feel very comfortable with the quality of medical care in this metropolitan area of Anchorage and the greater area. We've got physicians who are excellently trained. We've got state of the art care. We've got resources from the hospital that I think meet the same quality that large community centers in the Lower 48 have.”

Dr. Anderson goes on to discuss clinical trials, why participation is low and why enrolling in clinical trials is so important. Kate shares her feelings as well, “I also feel that participating in a clinical trial is a way to give back to the community as a whole and offer some scientific information that we might not otherwise have if people don't participate in trials.” Getting the latest cutting-edge treatment is more accessible than ever. Listen to this program to learn more about expanding your options.

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