Treatment Overview

The AML treatment that a patient receives depends on a number of factors, for example, age, other medical conditions and the specific type of AML that the person is suffering from.

Patients who are “fit” (no prior significant medical conditions) and under 70 years old are usually given intravenous (IV) chemotherapy, which requires hospitalisation for 3–4 weeks. Older and more “frail” (patients with serious prior medical conditions) patients may be given different treatment options, such as subcutaneous (applied under the skin) or oral (taken by the mouth) therapies.

Watch the videos in this section to learn more about various treatment options available for AML and to gain a better understanding of how to best approach your doctors with treatment questions.



What Is Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML)? Understanding the Basics

What is AML? What are the demographics for most patients? Watch as AML experts discuss AML and how you and your loved ones can face an AML diagnosis together.


Clinical Trial Participation: Propelling Advances in AML Treatment

Can you help in the advancement in the treatment of AML? Experts speak on the importance of clinical trials and how they can improve advancement of AML treatments for all patients.


Emerging Research and Promising AML Treatment Approaches

What’s new in AML research? Watch as AML expert Dr. Naval Daver, Leah Szumita and AML patient Steve Buechler discuss new therapies targeted toward specific genetic mutations.


Newly Diagnosed With AML? What Patients Need to Know

Where should patients and families turn when newly diagnosed with AML? What questions should they be asking? Watch as leading AML experts give insight.


A Changing AML Treatment Landscape: Personalizing Therapy for the Patient

As part of coverage from the ASH 2018 annual meeting, Dr. Ellen Ritchie and Dr. Sangmin Lee give insight on personalized care for AML patients. Watch now to learn more.


Understanding Driver Mutations in AML: What Is Next-Generation Sequencing?

How can we better understand AML? Watch AML experts as they break down how genetic testing helps determine the best treatments by AML disease type.


ASH 2018 AML Treatment and Research Updates From an Expert Roundtable

Patient Power founders Andrew and Esther Schorr are joined by a panel of AML experts to discuss highlights from the 2018 American Society of Hematology (ASH) annual meeting in what they call an “AML treatment revolution.” Tune in to find out the latest news.


Does the Clinical Trial Process Need an Extreme Makeover?

In this MythBusters program, patient advocate Jim Omel and Dr. Michael Thompson examine barriers patients may face and discuss the safety and quality of clinical trial care. Does the process need a makeover? Watch now to find out more.


Mind-Body Medicine: How Can Cancer Patients Utilize Supportive Care Therapy Tools?

Certified yoga therapist Raquel Jex Forsgren and expert oncologist Dr. Ishwaria Subbiah discuss the research-based benefits of mind-body practices for cancer patients. Join us to learn more on how to access supportive care tools before, during and after treatment.


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Page last updated on April 4, 2017