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ALL affects your body, but also affects you emotionally and practically, for example, you will have to stop your work temporarily, your day-to-day activities may change and you will need to find the best way to cope with your new situation. In this section, you can learn about things you can do outside of the clinic and your prescribed medication to help you manage ALL.

Here, we cover a range of topics, such as healthy lifestyles, nutrition and exercise. In addition, we discuss the importance of having support from friends, family and non-profit organisations, so that you can successfully transition into normal life. Eating well can be important for aiding your recovery, and appropriate amounts of physical activity can also help.

Watch the videos from these leading experts to learn what you can be doing to support your prescribed treatment.



From Holistic Health Guru to Patient Advocate: The Importance of Respecting Evidence-Based Medicine

Myeloma patient and author Cherie Rineker shares how her perspective shifted from holistic care to becoming a myeloma treatment research advocate. Watch to learn why.


Patient-Powered Recipes | Quick Cooker Baked Potato Soup

This Patient-Powered recipe was submitted by Melanie Villa. Watch now to learn how to make hearty and delicious baked potato soup that provides vitamin C in a quick-and-easy recipe.


Sex and Intimacy: Guidance for Male Sexuality During and After Cancer Treatment

Tune in to hear Dr. Leslie Schover, a renowned expert in cancer, relationships and intimacy, address concerns men with cancer may have after treatment and provide a range of options to help restore male sexual health.


Oncology Massage: Safe and Effective Massage Therapy for Cancer Patients

What is the role of oncology massage in cancer care? Licensed massage therapist Rob MacDonald explains how patients can benefit from oncology massage during or after treatment.


Nutrition and Cancer: Advice for Patients With Difficulty Eating

How can cancer patients get the calories and nutrition they need when they have food intake issues from their condition or treatment? Watch now to find out from oncology dietician Julie Lanford.


Patient-Powered Recipes | Easiest Tomato Salad Ever

This Patient-Powered recipe was submitted by Julie Lanford. Watch now to learn how to make an easy tomato salad packed with vitamin C-rich tomatoes with healthy herbs and oil.


Yoga for Cancer-Related Anxiety: A Calming 15-Minute Practice

This 15-minute guided yoga practice is designed for cancer patients and care partners dealing with anxiety. Join Raquel Jex Forsgren to help you feel calm and grounded with simple restorative poses and relaxation techniques.


Tools for Coping With Weight Gain/Loss During Cancer Treatment

Oncology dietician Julie Lanford tackles weight issues that accompany cancer treatments and shares expert advice to help patients manage proper nutrition and meet their weight goals.


Partner Spotlight: Family Reach

Family Reach CEO Carla Tardif gives an in-depth look at the cancer-related financial toxicity that deeply affects patients on a day-to-day basis and provides helpful resources for financial planning and assistance.


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Page last updated on April 3, 2017