Please note: While our archived programs have great information, they are in an area we are no longer actively maintaining. Since medical progress marches ahead, please see your own doctor and other resources for the latest medical information that’s right for you.

Archived Programs

Resistant Hypertension

According to the American Heart Association, resistant hypertension is a common clinical problem that many patients, clinicians and specialists face. In this podcast, Dr. Keith Benzuly will discuss how hypertension, or high blood pressure, is common and is an important risk factor for cardiovascular disease.


TIAs: Mini Strokes with Big Consequences

A transient ischemic attack (TIA)—also known as a mini-stroke—lasts only a few minutes and the symptoms usually disappear quickly. But a mini-stroke can be a warning sign that a person might experience a more serious stroke in the future. In this podcast, Dr. Maas explains the signs and symptoms of a TIA as well as strategies for managing risk factors.


Stroke: Risk Factors and Recovery

This is a podcast about Stroke: Risk Factors and Recovery


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