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Multiple Myeloma Opportunities for Research and Education (MMORE) The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center

Latest Expert
Advice for
Living Well
with Myeloma

Recently, myeloma patients and caregivers came together at a town hall in Columbus, Ohio where they learned more about the latest myeloma news, treatment planning, strategies for managing side effects and more about how to live well with myeloma.

Below are video segments along with some interviews from the town hall.

Latest Expert Advice for Living Well with Myeloma

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  • For some myeloma patients, options like therapy, supplements, antidepressants and support groups can help provide the extra boost needed to improve their quality of life during a challenging time.


  • Dr. Sagar Lonial explains there are a number of factors that help determine whether someone has high vs. standard risk myeloma including FISH tests and examining the entire patient picture-- past and current treatments, what happened to the myeloma cells over time and how long treatments last.


  • Dr. Sagar Lonial, myeloma expert, gives an overview of how a clinical trial is billed and the importance of looking at standard vs. non-standard treatment of care.


MMORE: Multiple Myeloma Opportunities for Research and Education is a nonprofit organization dedicated to finding a cure for multiple myeloma. Based in Columbus, Ohio, and with hubs in Minneapolis, MN and Seattle, WA, MMORE is building a presence throughout the United States. Together this community is conducting grassroots fundraising to support new research ideas focused on finding a cure.

Join us. Wherever you are, however you can, Get MMORE Involved. Contact to learn how you can host your own fundraiser, join our MoveMMORE Across America Run/Walk in June, and become involved in other ways to support MMORE’s efforts. Together we’ll find a cure.

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