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Will the ADAPT Study Revolutionize Treatment Approaches in Colorectal Cancer?

Can an odd combination of medicines treating some advanced colorectal cancer patients attack cancer at the source or other cancers? Dr. Edward Lin, a lead investigator in the ADAPT trial, explains.


How Can Cancer Survivors Help the Newly Diagnosed?

Dr. Bob Boyd made the transition from delivering over 10,000 babies to giving back to cancer survivors in a big way.


Coping with Cancer As a Couple

Tish and Rob Beck explain how cancer brought them closer together and share their advice for coping with a cancer diagnosis.


Personalizing Treatment Based on Tumor Type in Advanced Rectal Cancer

Can the need for radiation be excluded for some patients with locally advanced rectal cancer, with the same outcome? A new study, lead by Dr. Alessandro Fichera, investigates just that.


Establishing and Coordinating Caregiver Roles

How can family and friends rally together to help a loved one during a health crisis? Sherea Cary provides tips on recruiting family and friends for caregiver roles when a family member is dealing with a major health concern.


Doctor Turned Cancer Survivor Counsels Newly Diagnosed

Dr. Bob Boyd, a former OB-GYN, was diagnosed with advanced cancer after a routine exam. Now, as a survivor, he gives hope to the newly diagnosed and encourages other survivors to do the same. Watch.


How to Be a Valuable Advocate for Your Loved One

When your loved one is diagnosed with cancer, how can you best help them? Sherea Cary, a caregiver and communications specialist, explains how her father’s prostate cancer diagnosis changed her life and encouraged her to take action.


Microsatellite Instability Testing for Colon Cancer

Learn how a new test could potentially spot colon cancer much sooner by pointing out a molecular signature within the tumor. Dr. William Grady of Seattle Cancer Care Alliance explains.


Award-Winning Researcher to Study Financial Impact of Cancer Treatment

Dr. Veena Shankaran, assistant professor of Medical Oncology at the University of Washington School of Medicine, explains her award-winning research study assessing the risk factors and impact of cancer treatment-related financial hardship on quality of life.


Blood Tests 101: Understanding the Acronyms

Dr. Susan Leclair breaks down what various acronyms and terms of blood work results really mean, particularly for CLL patients.


Prevention is Key: Had a Colonoscopy Lately?

Patient Power Contributor Mary Windishar encourages patients to provide her with the date of their next colonoscopy! Watch.


Cancer and Humor: The Man with the Pink Ribbon Tattoo

Breast cancer in men? Very uncommon. One man's funny story with lessons for all of us.


Defeating Colon Cancer with Surgery

Dr. Alessandro Fichera, Director of the Colorectal Surgical Oncology Program at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, discusses important treatment options for those facing colon and rectal cancer. If caught early, there is a near 90 percent five-year cure rate for some patients. Surgery continues to be an extremely important treatment option and Dr. Fichera details advances that support this approach to care for patients.


Colon Cancer Screening Recommendations

Learn about screening recommendations for colon cancer and how early detection makes it a highly curable disease.


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