When I was diagnosed with my first cancer in 1996, I quickly learned that the “experts” who could best help me were not just the medical professionals, but also fellow patients, caregivers and patient advocates. My diagnosis led to building an entire community of people, most of them strangers at first, who would have a profound impact on my life. That sense of community, as well as the confidence and hope it brings to you when facing cancer, are behind everything that Patient Power does. In other words, the “power” behind Patient Power has always been collective.

Through our conversations, your emails and your responses to our surveys, community members have a voice and influence what we do. We know you’ve become more sophisticated in learning about your condition. You devote a lot of your time to understanding your options. Many of you serve as mentors to newcomers, offering a helping, guiding hand. You want deeper, most robust information and you want to share it with not only those in your immediate circle, and sometimes with others in your personal cancer community.

Website Homepage

When we shared our “Beta” version of our new website you again shared your thoughts – thank you so much! You’re clearly jazzed, and so are we. The redesign incorporates new technical features as well as elements that reflect our values and mission.

  • We believe that everyone dealing with cancer is an expert in their own right. Patients and caregivers are highlighted on an equal footing with medical professionals. Every face on the site has increased in size, emphasizing the real people and real communities that stand behind the information.
  • Patient Power’s colors are more vibrant than before, emphasizing life ahead. The new logo emphasizes modern, dynamic and humanistic letter forms and the icon has moved from the center of the logo to the forward edge, ready to move into the future with confidence.
  • The website was built around the way you told us you use the Web, making it easier to navigate, whether you use Patient Power at your desk or in the tablet on your lap. And we are working on an even better version for your smartphone.
  • You are much more likely today to want to share Patient Power programs and information through social media such as Facebook and Twitter. We’ve made that much easier too.

Busy days are ahead of us, with the “Living Well with MPNs” patient meeting on Nov. 23 in Houston and the American Society of Hematology (ASH) meeting in New Orleans in December. No matter how busy we are, we want to know your thoughts. Let us know what you think of the new site, at any point, by clicking “Share Your Comments and Suggestions” in the right-hand column of the website. We want to continue to improve with your help and suggestions because you know as well as I do that “knowledge can be the best medicine of all!” Can’t wait to hear from you!

Wishing you and your family the best of health!